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This page contains websites designed and maintained by members of the MFMS and represent some of the projects that members of the club are presently engaged with.

Winner of the 2004 Golden Trilobite Award
This site is dedicated to the fossils of the lower cretaceous Albian (Gault Clay and Folkestone Beds) in the county of Kent, South-East England. In particular the beautifully preserved faunas of the Gault Clay are illustrated and identified
collage of Sheppey fossils
This site is dedicated to the history of collecting and the exquisitly preserved fossil fauna of the Lower Eocene(Ypresian) London Clay of the North Coastal section of the Isle of Sheppey, Kent UK
edna.palass-hosting.orgEDNA is a fully searchable database of all the insect species named from the fossil record. At present it contains reference, geological, geographical and taxonomic data on 23500 species and their synonyms.