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Persons wishing to attend any trip must have informed the Fieldtrip Organizer and have signed the Attendance Form prior to the trip.Participation is subject to the Conditions of Attendance (see below) and any specific restrictions imposed which will be listed on the Fieldtrip Details sheet.†† Members under 18 years old may only attend at the discretion of the Fieldtrip Organizer and must be accompanied by a responsible adult member who will accept responsibility for their actions and safety, this adult must complete the Attendance Form and sign their place to acknowledge this.†† Full details of each trip and the Attendance Form will be made available a few weeks before the date of the trip, all transport and accommodation arrangements are the responsibility of individual members.

Conditions of Attendance

1)Only members of the Medway Lapidary & Mineral Society may attend the fieldtrips.A non-member may attend only with the permission of the fieldtrip leader by becoming a day-member on payment of the appropriate fee, (currently 50p).This rule may be waived where the trip is a joint one with other Societies.

2) Members attending fieldtrips must abide by any instructions or restrictions laid down by the organizer and leader of the trip and are expected to behave in a manner which benefits the good name of the society and particularly have due regard for their own, and other persons safety.

3) Members attending fieldtrips do so entirely at their own risk.The Medway Fossil & Mineral Society, itís members, the fieldtrip organizer and the owners of any site visited cannot be held responsible for accidents or injury to persons attending the fieldtrip, nor any damage to property, however caused.

4) It is an individuals own responsibility to ensure they have no medical condition which could endanger their well-being and to ensure they are properly equipped for the trip, with particular consideration being given to safety, e.g. the wearing of hardhats, protective goggles, suitable footwear, high visibility clothing etc.

5) If you are unable to attend the trip you should inform the fieldtrip organizer in advance of the day.