M.F.M.S. Activities Programme 2015

Programme 2018

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Spring Program
Presented by:-
 Jan 10 Welcome back   All members
  17 17 Field trip planning / display of finds from locations. s   All members
  24 Alphabetical selection –geological objects (A)   All members
  31 Talk TBA Ann   Anne
 Feb 07 Insects (including fossil)   All members
  14 Where to collect specimens (Fossil and mineral)   All members
  21 Global Warming   James
  28 What’s the story? (behind the specimens)   All members
 March 07 Birds (including fossil)   All members
  14 South Africa   Gary
  21 Pictures on a stick   All members
  28 End of term party / latest finds   All members
April 4 Easter break    
  11 Easter break    
  18 Welcome back   All members
  25 Gamble and Dibley (The grocer and The teacher )   Nick
May 02 Alphabetical selection –geological objects (B)   All members
  09 Micro and Miniature specimens   All members
  16 Reptiles (including fossil)   All members
  23 Road Show preparation   All members
  30 Tuition night   James
June 06 Talk TBA   Ann
  13 Trace fossils   All members
  20 Questions and answers   James
  27 Alphabetical selection –geological objects   All members
Jul 04 04 Plants ( including fossil)   All members
  11 Historical Geologists   James
  18 End of Term party   All members
Summer Break
 Every effort will be made to carry out the above programme but at times it may be necessary to cancel or re-arrange some of the activities.  Any cancellations or re-arrangements will be announced on a Wednesday evening prior to that event.
Lead member
Dear GA Members and Local Societies,

I would like to draw your attention to the GA events that are taking place over the next few months and two planned further afield for 2018. You can register online for all of these events by clicking the blue links on the PDF linked page. Alternatively you send your booking in to the GA office.

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