M.F.M.S. Activities Programme

Programme 2019

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Sept 11

Welcome back and Summer's finds

  All members
  18  Faroes Talk    Tony

Geological Alphabet – specimens beginning with “J”

  All members
Oct 2

The Algarve

  9 London Clay   All members
  16 Metamorphism   Anne
  23 Chalk   All members
  30 AGM   All members
Nov 2 GA Reunion at UCL. 10am – 4pm    
  6 “Micromounts”   John, Anne & all members
  13 Folkestone   All members
  16 Fossil Roadshow Maidstone Museum   All members
  20 Granite   Brian and all members
  27 Geological Alphabet – specimens beginning with “K”   All members
Dec 4 Microfossils –   Nick
  11 End of Term Party   All members
Christmas Break
Jan 2020 15 Welcome back & planning   All members
  22 Northumberland   Brian
  29 Specimens beginning with letter “L”   All members
Feb 5 Q & A   Tony
  12 Pre-Cambrian   All members
  19 Gastropods   All members
  26 Microscope night   All members
Mar 4 Brazil   Ann
  11 Specimens beginning with letter “M”   All members
  18 Brachiopods   All members
  25 Diagenesis and Concretions   tba
Apr 1 Party   All members
Easter Break
 Every effort will be made to carry out the above programme but at times it may be necessary to cancel or re-arrange some of the activities.  Any cancellations or re-arrangements will be announced on a Wednesday evening prior to that event.
Lead member
5 October Field Trip – Sheppey   ?
9 November Field Trip – Folkestone   Paul
Location: East Wear Bay Folkestone
Meet at East Cliff Pavillion 10.00, located on cliff top on Wear Bay Road.
Parking in local roads or at CP near Martello tower 1 , Pavillion CP patrons only.
Weather is forecasting band of showers middle of day.
Equipment: digging tool, hammer, sturdy footwear, waterproofs.
High tide 08.50.
Contact Paul for more info. 01634 327411 or 07533 800207.
8 Dec Betteshanger   Paul
Location: Betteshanger Park, Sandwich Road, Deal CT14 0BF
Time 10.00.
Geology: Spoil tip from colliery with plant fossils.
Meet in car park. £3 charge for day, unless Blue badge holder. Pay at machine or up to 48hrs later ar www.parkwithease.co uk.
Equipment: digging tools, eye protection, sturdy footwear. Be prepared for inclement weather.
Dig site is loose deposit, very dusty and potentially messy if wet.
POC: Paul Wright 01634 327411 or 07533800207. Email: thgirwluap45@hotmail.co.uk.